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Shanna’s Pick of the Week

zac posen

Zac Posen F&W Interview

I love this fun Food & Wine interview with designer Zac Posen. It’s so interesting that this major A-list designer once had trouble relating to his peers. He struggled to form relationships with his middle-school classmates and used baking with his mom as therapy.


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Wellness Tip of the Week

If you have dry hair, try using raw coconut oil as a moisturizer. You will see a big difference!


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All Natural Doesn’t Mean All Safe

Sadly, if you think eating food that's labeled 'all natural' means you're in the clear, you might be mistaken. Many food manufacturers add fillers like carrageenan to ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, soymilk, and more to give lower-fat or so-called Read More

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Eat & Drink

paleo grits

Southern Food Gone Paleo

Sometimes I crave southern comfort food. But this category of food is often known to be loaded with calories and fat. Here's a healthier take on the southern breakfast delicacy of grits! Grits are usually made from ground corn, but this recipe by Read More

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Tata Harper

Skin Care Products for Better Skin

Many believe that the use of skin care products automatically translates into having healthy, beautiful skin - whatever brand those products may be. That's not necessarily the case. You should examine the labels of your skin care products in a Read More

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doctor when traveling

Finding Doctors On The Road

Getting sick on a vacation or business trip abroad is the absolute worst. And if you're sick enough to warrant a doctor's visit, it's tough to know who you can trust. Many individuals are now enlisting 'Travel Doctors' who are experts in travel Read More

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