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Shanna’s Pick of the Week

Powdered Sugar Donut Babycakes

Interview with BabyCakes

I had the incredible opportunity to interview the inspiring Erin McKenna of BabyCakes bakery in New York and Los Angeles. What makes the bakery so unique is that it creates delicious options for eaters who may have had to give up on dessert otherwise. Whether your concern is dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, or sugar, you won’t have to worry at McKenna’s bakery. Read how she’s managed to cut out all of those ingredients from her cakes and cookies without cutting any of the flavors.


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Wellness Tip of the Week

A foam roller can act as a personal masseuse! It’s a great item to relieve tension, stiffness, and stress.


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keurig mold

Is Your Keurig Causing Sickness?

When you think of mold, you're most likely picturing bread or strawberries, but mold can be found in so many household items you may not even think of. The nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing, or skin irritation you're currently Read More

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Eat & Drink

Tahini Cups

Tahini Coffee Cream Cups

I really enjoy making recipes which incorporate ingredients you would never think to put together. For example, would you ever considering mixing tahini and coffee to create a sweet and salty dessert? I discovered this great recipe for Totally Read More

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Tech-Savvy Solar Charger

Going green or eco-friendly shouldn't mean having to sacrifice your style. Henri Bendel is now selling 'The Charge Me Up Solar Charger' which is designed to help keep you connected so you never miss an important call or text. I don't know about Read More

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motion sickness

Natural Motion Sickness Remedies

Before using medications, try finding a natural way to cure the motion sickness you might get while on a road trip or flying. Natural motion sickness remedies are free of any side effects and won't make you groggy post-trip. My favorite one to use Read More

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