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Shanna’s Pick of the Week

The Wand dentist tool

Getting Over Dentist Fears

It’s February, which means it’s National Children’s Dental Health Month. Many have dentist fears, which many dentists also hope to pacify. These dentists are using a new equipment called The Wand to sometimes do so.


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Wellness Tip of the Week

If you are experiencing stress or anxiety, these foods might help you – Rhodiola, Reishi mushrooms, bananas, ginger, and chamomile tea.


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Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford’s Wellness Tips

How does former supermodel Cindy Crawford still look so good and so young? She recently shared her health and wellness tips with The Huffington Post. Here are some of the highlights for you. Sleep is essential to allow your body to heal and Read More

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Eat & Drink

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Indian-Inspired Lentil Bread

Most gluten-free bread either doesn't taste good, contains ingredients which aren't healthy, or doesn't work well for making sandwiches. This Indian-inspired recipe for lentil bread from Vegan Richa tastes delicious and is perfect for sandwiches. Read More

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Innovative Pap-Proof Clothes

Betabrand has created such a cool concept for out-of-the-box designers looking for support. The online clothing company, which is headquartered in San Francisco uses crowdsourcing ideas and concepts from their Think Tank and then decides which to Read More

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Meow Cafe

NYC Cafe for Cat Lovers

Just when you thought New York City had every cafe, restaurant, bar, and lounge imaginable, you were mistaken. For any animal lovers, specially those fond of the felines, visiting New York, there is a new cafe just for you. Meow Parlour, New Read More

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